Parliamentary Duties

Occasion Subject/Title Time Location Links
German Parliament, Economic Committee Reform of the Telecom code for the implementation of EU Net Neutrality law 2016, November Germany, Berlin report & video, committee page, written response
Austrian Parliament, 2nd chamber Enquete: Digital Reforms and Politics 2015, November Vienna, Austria recording, program
German Parliament, Committee for Digital Affairs Current developments in laws on Net Neutrality 2015, June Germany, Berlin recording, committee page, written response
German Parliament, Committee for Digital Affairs Net Neutrality and the role of Specialised Services 2014, May Germany, Berlin summary, written response
European Parliament, European Internet Governance and Beyond Protecting net neutrality in a polarized world 2014, March Belgium, Brussels recording

public speaking

Occasion Subject/Title Time Location Links
Study presentation and podium disucssion Report on the Situation of Net Neutrality in Europe 2019, January Austria, Vienna schedule, recording, report
Internet Governance Forum Net neutrality and beyond: ensuring freedom of choice online 2018, November France, Paris schedule
Open Source Lisbon Innovation and Net Neutrality two sides of one coin 2018, September Portugal, Lisbon schedule, presentation
Open Source Lisbon Digital Rights and Internet Security (Panel Discussion) 2018, September Portugal, Lisbon schedule
Gemeingut Internet Strom, Wasser, Internet. Voraussetzungen für gesellschaftliche Teilhabe im 21. Jahrhundert 2018, September Austria, Vienna schedule, schedule (facebook)
Freedom Not Fear (How) can we solve the platform regulation problem? 2018, September Belgium, Brussels schedule
Freedom Not Fear Net Neutrality update: Why 2019 will be a busy year for us 2018, September Belgium, Brussels schedule
np14 – Das ist Netzpolitik - Wie soll ein neues Social Media Recht aussehen? 2018, September Germany, Berlin schedule
Measurement Lab 10th Anniversary State of Open Internet Issues Around the World 2018, August USA, Washington schedule
Forum Alpbach Digital Future Game: Anforderungen an eine digitale Gesellschaft 2018, August Austria, Alpbach schedule
Global Media Forum Internet Freedom and Net Neutrality at Stake. How to defend digital rights? 2018, June Germany, Bonn schedule
Wired Next Fest L'importanza della net neutrality 2018, May Italy, Milan recording, schedule
RightsCon Enforcing Net Neutrality with Evidenced Based Policy Making 2018, May Canada, Toronto schedule
re:publica Freie Daten-Vorfahrt oder juristische Notbremse? 2018, May Germany, Berlin recording
AirMozilla Net Neutrality in Europe: What's Next? 2018, Jannuary Germany, Berlin recording
34c3 Die Sprache der Überwacher Wie in Österreich über Sicherheit und Überwachung gesprochen wird 2017, December Germany, Leipzig recording
34c3 Net Neutraliy Enforcement in the EU 2017, December Germany, Leipzig recording
20. Netzpolitischer Abend Debatte um die Überwachung gewinnen 2017, November Austria, Vienna recording
Datenspuren 2017 Keynote 2017, October Germany, Dresden recording
Mozfest 2017 Net Neutrality Enforcement in the EU 2017, October United Kingdom, London tweet
Freedom Not Fear 2017 We have to change the narrative: Lessons from the Austrian surveillance debate 2017, October Brussels, Belgium
np13: Das ist Netzpolitik! Netzneutralität: Von StreamOn zu Trump 2017, September Germany, Berlin recording
Annual General Meeting Deutsche Telekom AG 10min speech about why the companies future depends on net neutrality 2017, May Germany, Cologne recording
Hightech Summit Was hat Netzneutralität mit Baden-Württemberg zu tun? 2016, November Germany, Stuttgart slides, program
Mozfest (Mozilla Festival) What’s Next for NN in the EU after BEREC? 2016, October UK, London program
12. Das ist Netzpolitik Netzneutralität: Bleibt wachsam! 2016, October Germany, Berlin program
OSCE Gainging a Digital Edge Why Net Neutrality matters for Freedom of Speech 2016, September Austria, Vienna slides, program
Freedom Not Fear 28 days after BEREC – about Respect My Net & how you kill Net Neutrality violations in your country 2016, October Belgium, Brussels program
AKOS International Workshop European views on Net Neutrality 2016, June Slovenia, Ljubljana recording part 1, recording part 2, program
re:publica #SaveTheInternet – A New Hope for Net Neutrality in Europe 2016, May Germany, Berlin recording
32c3 Net Neutrality in Europe 2015, December Germany, Hamburg recording, slides, program
32c3 Österreich: Der Kampf gegen unkontrollierte Massenüberwachung 2015, December Germany, Hamburg recording, slides, program
Lobbying the EU Weekend Winning Battles while losing Ground - Asymmetric Campaigning for Digital Rights 2015, December Belgium, Brussels slides
1. Netzpolitischer Abend Wien Netzneutralität und Staatsschutzgesetz 2015, December Austria, Vienna recording, program
University Vienna Lecture Netzpolitik - Die Machtfrage im Internet 2015, November Austria, Vienna slides
Freedom Not Fear Net neutrality - 2nd plenary to the rescue 2015, October Belgium, Brussels program
11. Das ist Netzpolitik Schroedinger’s Net Neutrality 2015, September Germany, Berlin recording, slides, program
11. Das ist Netzpolitik G’schichten aus Österreich: Über den Kampf gegen Massen-Überwachung 2015, September Germany, Berlin slides
re:publica Netzneutralität – Endspurt in Europa 2015, May Germany, Berlin recording, slides
31c3 Net Neutrality: Days of Future Past? 2014, December Germany, Hamburg recording, slides, program
10. Das ist Netzpolitik Update zur Netzneutralität 2014, October Germany, Berlin recording, slides, program
Freedom Not Fear Net neutrality - challenging times 2014, September Belgium, Brussels program
Course at University of Applied Science Netzpolitik: Ein grober Überblick 2014, June Austria, St. Pölten slides
Club Computer Camp Netzneutralität: Einführung und Update 2014, June Austria, Vienna slides
re:publica How We Won The Battle On Net Neutrality 2014, May Germany, Berlin recording, slides, program
30c3 Der Kampf um die Netzneutralität 2013, December Germany, Hamburg recording, slides, program
Daten Netz & Politik Netzneutralität - the state of the debate 2013, September Austria, Vienna recording, slides, program
Freedom Not Fear Net neutrality - finally a legislative proposal for the EU... hang on...WTF?! 2013, September Belgium, Brussels program
FemCamp Netzpolitik in Österreich 2013, March Austria, Vienna slides
Webmonday: Open Everything Open Knowledge Austria 2013, February Austria, Graz program
WKÖ/UBIT/ITSec Net Neutrality introduction 2012, December Austria, Vienna
Metaday#55 Netzneutralität. Ist das Internet teilbar? 2012, December Austria, Vienna slides
LiMA Wien Wie das Internet Journalismus verändert 2012, October Austria, Vienna recording, program
Alpen-Adria-Universität Networked Life 2012, October Austria, Klagenfurt/Celovec program
re:publica Hack the Union locally: Building an activist movement from scratch 2012, May Germany, Berlin program
Daten Netz & Politik Netzneutralität 2012, September Austria, Vienna recording, program
Workers Unions (GPA-djp, vida, AK) Seminars on practical IT-Security 2012-present Austria, various