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Finally the video of the Queer Geeks Panel at 28c3 is out!

This panel discussion was about the situation of queer people within the hacker and nerd community, a very important and under-reported subject. We first did a show like this for signal radio on the 4th Chaos Communication Camp back in 2011 and rejoined later that year at the 28th Chaos Communication Congress. With me were Mitch Altman, Fabienne SerriereJimmie P Rodgers, Willow BrughStephan Urbach, Lisa (Video-Angel on the 28c3), Rubin Starset and many others from the audience. On the decks was my dear friend Koen Martens and thanks to Matthias Preuß for the recording and post-production.

My moderation was mostly targeted at the radio listeners, at the time I wasn’t aware that there will be a video recording at all. I hope everything is understandable and the discussion is interesting for you!

At the Chaos Communication Camp I did a show about Queer Geeks to which the response has been overwhelming. I wanted to include this piece here as well, because the discussion about follow-up projects is still going on. So far there is nothing to name or link to, but if you want to get involved and join the discussion write me a mail on tom@<domainofthissite>.eu.